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How about a Staycation?

Posted May 18, 2016 by Sage Gatliff. Filed under Property News

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Define the word HOLIDAY - an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling.  Is it the same as a GETAWAY -an escape or quick departure?  Or would you call it a VACATION - a fixed holiday period between terms in universities and law courts.  Well how about STAYCATION thenew buzz word to describe a holiday spent in your own country, possibly even in own city, to enjoy local leisure activities that are within easy reach.  It has become more popular for various reasons fluctuating currency rates, global financial crisis, unease of travel safety to foreign shores… so look no further and become a tourist in your own backyard!

A staycation is a long way from squeezing family, surf boards, ice boxes and camping equipment into the family wagon for the ‘are we there yet’ journey.  The ‘vaycay’ could take you to cute little beach cottage or glamourous beachside residence, within an hour or so of home.   A Staycation eliminates time and expense involved with travelling abroad, though you still need to plan your dates ahead and book accommodation for your holiday, vacation or getaway and what you want to do with your precious time.  

You might just stay home or plan that longed for trip to get away but without too much effort involved.  Away but not too far perhaps just meander to a beautiful beach for a couple of days’ romantic getaway; or book a family weekend; maybe relax for a week with friends you never have time to catch up with – whatever the reasons make it special.  

Do things you don’t normally have time for could be from a simple idea of breakfast at a local café, a different one every day.  Get to know what’s around you by walking, exploring and discovering.  Hire a boat, hire a surf board, use your picnic set, make reservations at local restaurants, spend a couple of hours having a massage together, rent a holiday house, make it happen.