eClare Catering

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Local catering using made from scratch methods and care in the choice of high quality ingredients, including locally sourced where possible.

Wine and Cheese Welcome platter for eight:



* Triple cream brie, Ash covered goat cheese, Blue and hard cheese-manchego or an aged cheddar

* Grapes/ cherries 

* Quince paste

* Figs/ dates/ other dried fruits

* Hazelnuts

* Beetroot lavosh and herb/sea salt crackers


Total cost for 2 bottles of wine and Cheese platter for 8 people: $290 (French Rose and Vasse Felix Cabernet wine)

Total cost for champagne/wine and Cheese platter for 8 people: $360 ( Veuve Clicquot champagne and Vasse Felix Cabernet wine)

Delivery fee: $75

Afternoon Tea Welcome Platter for eight:



* Tea cake with nectarines/ other seasonal stone fruit

* Mini eClairs with passionfruit creme patissiere

* Chocolate ganache sponge cake with crumbled pistachios

* Fruit mousse served individually

* Savoury items- pinwheel sandwich, mini wrap

* Whipped cream in a pot

* Loose tea T2 Sydney and Coffee from Northern beaches



The cost for 8 people: $260

Delivery fee: $75

Breakfast Welcome Platter for eight:



* Leek and creme fraiche flatbread with smoked salmon and dill

* Homemade Granola

* Greek yogurt with jar of fruit compote

* Frittata with pancetta, gouda and arugula

* Tomato relish as a condiment

* Cinnamon scrolls


Price: $220 

Delivery fee: $75